Andris Eglitis

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  1. Andris Eglitis


    2012 – 2013 Higher Institute for Fine Arts (HISK), Ghent, Belgium

    2003 – 2005 MA in Painting Department, Art Academy of Latvia

    2004 Exchange studies in Ilya Repin St. Petersburg State Academic Institute of Fine Arts, Russia

    2002 Exchange studies in Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

    1999 – 2003 BA in Painting Department, Art Academy of Latvia


    2008 – 2017 Lecturer in Painting Department, Art Academy of Latvia

    2017 – 2019 Head of Painting Department,  Art Academy of Latvia


    2022 Some Instances of Encounters between Imagination and Matter, Zemlika festival, Durbe, Latvia

    2020 Artificial Light, Pop-off-art gallery, Moscow

    2019 Playground for accepting your mortality, (with Katrina Neiburga), Klosterruine, Berlin

    2017 Long Pickled Cucumbers , (with Katrina Neiburga), exhibition in Riga, Latvia

    2016 Roots and Plastic, Ppo/off/art gallery, Moscow, Russia

    Transition, Gallery Daugava, Riga, Latvia

    Transition, KMR gallery, Kuldīga, Latvia

    2015 Creatures, Gallery Alma, Riga, Latvia

    2014 Possible Place, Cēsis Exhibition Hall, Cēsis, Latvia 

    Dirty Modernism, Gallery Alma, Riga, Latvia

    De/Construction, Gallery De Filatuur, Aalst, Belgium

    2012 Layers of time and paint, NUNC Contemporary Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium

    Near Ideal, Krome Gallery, Berlin, Germany

    2011 Earthworks, Mūkusala Art Salon, Riga, Latvia 

    2010 Living conditions, former bank building at 15 Kaļķu street, Riga, Latvia 

    2009 I Want to Be There, old storage building, Cēsis, Latvia

      Order of Things, Latvian National Museum of Art, Arsenāls Exhibition Hall, Riga, Latvia

    2008 Under The Sky, LCCA project space Canteen, Andrejsala, Riga, Latvia 


    2022 Skit,  Savage, Drusti, Latvia

    A Giant on Clay Feet, MABOCA gallery Visuma Centrs2, Madona, Latvia

    2020 Savage, Drusti, Latvia

    Gali persiųsti šiandien arba ryt, Jodkrante art gallery, Lithuania

    2019 Coexistence, Kisama, Helsinki, Finland

    Fur Collar, Meno Parkas gallery, Dusseldorf, Vācija

    2018 Installation Nest with Katrina Neiburga at Riga Biennale- RIBOCA, Latvia

    TGLX6LDP Exhibition State of Future, exhibition hall Arsenāls, Latvia

    2016 Will-O’-the-Wisp, Kochi-Muziris biennale, Kochi, India

    All Mounds can be seen from my window, Bunkier Sztuki gallery, Poland.

    2015 It takes imagination to build Reality. Narracje festival 2015, Gdansk, Poland.

    Armpit. Latvian Pavilion at the 56th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia

    Impressions and Parallels, Musée Ianchelevici, La Louvière, Belgium

    2014 Survival Kit 6, Contemporary Art Festival, former Boļševička Textile Factory Riga, Latvia 

    Latvian Contemporary Painting. Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Cente

    In Search of the Horizon, Latvian Railway History Museum, Riga, Latvia

    2013 Portrait of the Artist. Works and References, HISK Laureates 2013, Ghent, Belgium 

    ...for an occurrence to become an adventure...,  ABLV Bank collection for the forthcoming Contemporary Art Museum, Riga Art Space, Latvia 

    Purvītis Prize, Latvian National Museum of Art, Arsenāls Exhibition Hall, Riga, Latvia 

    2012 Survival Kit 4, Contemporary Art Festival, Tobacco Factory, Riga, Latvia 

    Cēsis Art Festival, Cēsis Brewery, Latvia

    Important Latvian Artists, The National Arts Club, New York, USA

    Is It That He Does Not Seek The Truth, But Does Want To Influence?, Riga Art Space, Latvia

    2011 Thickspace, Latvian National Museum of Art, Arsenāls Exhibition Hall, Riga, Latvia

    Tides of Change. New Art from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, HangART-7, Salzburg, Austria 

    By the Amber Sea. 1990–2010. Collection of the Latvian National Museum of Art, Arsenāls Exhibition Hall, Riga, Latvia

    2010 We Are Fine, ArtDepoo Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia

    Figure, Gallery Daugava, Riga, Latvia

    Illusion of Inclusion, Vartai Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania

    2009 Space Oddity. Europe XXL programme, Maison Folie de Wazemmes, Lille, France

    Purvītis Prize, Latvian National Museum of Art, Arsenāls Exhibition Hall, Riga, Latvia

    Éclair, Galerie Crous Beaux-Arts, Paris, France

    Skywards and on the Earth, Gallery Daugava, Riga, Latvia 

    2008 Contemporary Painting of Latvia, MOYA, Vienna, Austria 

    Do Not Hurry, VEF, Riga, Latvia

    Urban Stories, Gallery art promotion02, Liebshausen, Germany

    2007 Candy Bomber. Young Latvian Painters, Arsenāls Exhibition Hall, Riga, Latvia

    Trajectory 4: aka Institute Of Contemporary Art. Transforming Vectors, LCCA Project space Canteen, Andrejsala, Riga, Latvia

    Garden of Mundane Pleasures, Gallery Māksla XO, Riga, Latvia

    2006  U25, Gallery K-Māksla?, Liepāja, Latvia

    2005 Etonnate Academie, Gallery La Serra, Saint Etienne, France

    Latvian Art, Ilya Repin St. Petersburg State Academic Institute of Fine Arts, St Petersburg, Russia

    2003 Self-portrait. Testament, cameraman, painter and photographer in the film by Andris Grīnbergs 

    Prague–Riga art dialogue, Gallery Pokorna, Prague, Czech Republic

    2002 Social Exhibitionism (with Andris Grīnbergs), The Latvian Railway History Museum, Riga, Latvia

    Autumn, Latvian National Museum of Art, Arsenāls Exhibition Hall, Riga, Latvia

    2001 Contemporary Utopia (with Andris Grīnbergs), Latvian National Museum of Art, Arsenāls Exhibition Hall, Riga, Latvia 


    2013 Purvītis Prize, Latvia

    2009 Nomenee for Purvītis Prize, Latvia

    2003 The best debut in art criticism, art magazine Studija, Latvia


    2008 Cité  Internationale des Arts, Paris, France

    IASPIS, Stockholm, Sweden

    2007 IASPIS, Stockholm, Sweden



    Armpit. Andris Eglitis, Katrina Neiburga.Latvian Pavilion Bienale Arte 2015. LCCA, 2015

    Andris Eglītis. Iespējama vieta. Glezniecība, fotogrāfija, koktēlniecība, būves [Possible Place. Painting, photography, constructed sculpture]. [Text by Kaspars Vanags] Cēsis: Cēsis Exhibition Hall, 2014.

    Latvian Contemporary Art, 2007–2012: The Purvītis Award. Eds. Mairita Brice, Una Meistare, Daiga Rudzāte. Riga:, 2013. 

    Without Walls: ABLV Bank collection for the Contemporary Art Museum. 2005–2013. Comp. Laima Slava. Riga: ABVL Bank, Neputns, 2013. 

    Important contemporary artists of Latvia. [Texts by Eleanor Heartney and Mark Svede]. Ed. Stella Pelše. Riga: Latvian Transatlantic Organization, 2012.

    Andris Eglītis. Living Conditions. [Texts by Andris Eglītis, Andris Breže, Ieva Kulakova]. Riga: Galerija 21, 2011.

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    Candy Bomber. Young Latvian Painters. Eds. Diāna Barčevska, Maija Rudovska. Riga: Veritas, RJA, 2007. 

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